We sell a lot of chicken and Mary’s is a best seller. We carry the full line of Mary’s products from whole body to portion control items. Our other chicken is purchased selectively allowing us to pick the best of each item. Our rapid turnover of chicken allows us to keep the freshest stock. Of course, we able to portion control, slice, grind, and cube to your specifications.


We inventory fresh beef of all grades and are proud of our ability to get customer specs “just right.” We portion control, dice, slice and grind daily. We grind our own beef and will make patties for you to order. We purchase selectively to ensure quality and freshness.


We have available fresh pork, hams, bacon, smoked port, sausages, ground pork. We are happy to portion control and trim to your needs. Our Organic Pork comes from small farms in Iowa and is rushed to us fresh. Our other pork is sourced carefully for the best quality.


Our fresh lamb is sourced in California and we can cut, trim, portion control or grind for your daily needs. We have available frozen lamb from New Zealand if this fits your needs.


We carry whole body turkeys from Willie Bird, Mary’s, and Norbest. Turkey is a year around item with us and a lot of turkey goes through our cutting room daily. The most popular are Boned Rolled and Tied Turkey Breast and Ground Turkey.

During the Holidays we run special crews to get fresh whole turkeys ready for the oven cutting and boning.


Our fresh Peking ducks come from Mary’s and Maple Leaf and our Muscovy ducks from Grimuad Farms. We sell enough ducks to keep a fresh inventory. And, of course, we sell all parts of ducks and can portion control and cut to order for your needs.


Our rabbits come from Iowa and are specially processed for us and rushed to us fresh. Our pheasants are from Mc Farland in Michigan and the fresh are air freighted to us overnight. Our quail are custom produced for us, Our guinea hens are produced locally by Grimaud Farms. Of course, we can do custom work with these products.


Select dairy, sausages, smoked Willie Bird turkey and chicken, chicken nuggets, quail eggs, duck eggs, chicken eggs, and many others.

To Place an Order

Ask for the Order Desk, or leave a message after hours.

650.756.3603 7601 EL Camino Real, Colma, CA 94014

Serving The Greater Bay Area

We cover a delivery area from Colma to Petaluma, Livermore, Fremont, San Jose,
Half Moon Bay, St Helena, Walnut Creek.